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Improving quality
of life at age

We are here to make a difference


We are on a mission to improve quality of life at age.

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We empower elder generations to make smarter everyday decisions to increase not only lifespan, but health span.

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We are building data-driven food brands that are rooted in science and have a proven impact on health and wellbeing.

75% of the way we age depends on how we eat, sleep move and live.

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omo Health is a house of brands, targeting the most common avoidable diseases that come with ageing. Our brands are led by industry experts, doctors, and scientists.

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Science-backed nutrition shakes that clinically prove to prevent and treat sarcopenia, osteoporosis and arthritis. 


Workout plans tailored to fit every age and fitness level. 


Coming soon

Eager to make a change?

Apply as an entrepreneur in residence and develop your own longevity brand with us.

Getting older is inevitable.
But ageing is not.

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